[rabbitmq-discuss] Do not require an acknowledgement for a single message

Mateusz Bieniek bieniekmat at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 09:07:30 BST 2014


We use a simple model: Server publishes a message. Client side processes 
the message and then acknowledges it. If the client is shutdown while 
processing the message, it will receive it again since the message has not 
been acknowledged. 

Now we have a special case. We want to publish a reboot command. In this 
case, the client reboots itself as part of the processing, and so never 
acknowledges the reboot message. So when it launches, it consumes the 
message again and the cycle beings. 

Updating the client side is highly undesirable, so please assume it's not a 
possibility. Is there a way we can publish a single message and omit 
acknowledgement for it? 

Many thanks,
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