[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq client embedded device

Christian Jacobsen stormracer at jacsen.de
Fri Nov 29 21:59:34 GMT 2013


this are my first steps with AMQP. I'm running the rabbitmq broker on a pc. 
My first test with another pc as client are successful. In my final 
application the client should run on an microcontroller.

The microcontroller is a STM32F407, a 32 Bit ARM-Coretx M4. I'm running 
ChibiOS as operating system, so i'm able to to run threads or using LWIP as 
ethernet stack (including sockets).

I have a look at the rabbitmq-c lib but it's not easy to port this for 
microcontroller, because i'm not able to use dynamic memory allocation.

Are there ideas or solutions for using rabbitmq on such embedded devices.

An alternative way is the udp plugin for rabbitmq, but i want to try a tcp 

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