[rabbitmq-discuss] Configuration strategy

Adrien Brault monsti at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 21:41:53 GMT 2013


I've read the getting started tutorials and am bothered with one aspect: 
publishers and consumers configures rabbitmq. I understand that those 
configuration requests are idempotent, however it seems weird to let the 
application(s) configure rabbitmq.

I don't think a publisher should be aware of the exchange type, and a 
consumer should not be aware of bindings. Though I understand that some 
pattern requires the application to create exchanges/queues/binding (like 

Is there a tool to have some configuration file for the server ?
My goal would be that publishers only know what kind of message to send to 
a specific exchange, and consumer know what kind of message to get from a 
specific queue.

What do you think ? How do you handle the queue/exchange creation and 
binding logic in big application(s) ?
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