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I'm trying to find out if there are any recommendations for running 
RabbitMq on VMWare ESXi? (eg. clustering, queue mirroring)

I have several 4 node clusters running on ESXi4/5 guests. The guests are 
Ubuntu 10.04 VMs.
Erlang version: R15B. RabbitMq versions: 2.8.2 and 3.0.1 .

The clusters seem to randomly crash every once in a while (about once every 
2 months).
Sometimes the whole cluster crashes, sometimes only a couple nodes and the 
others either work or become unreachable.
Logs only show that the nodes lost connection.
I'm running 4 node clusters with 1 disk node and about 100 queues mirrored 
across 2-3 nodes.
The same thing was happening when I was running a cluster with 4 disk 

Are there any recommended best practices in regards to Virtual Machine 
settings, VMWare network settings or OS settings that could
prevent these random crashes?
Would federation be a better solution then clustering in a virtual 
environment? Or should I just run them on physical hardware?

I realize there's not enough data here to find out what is happening 
exactly but I'm just trying to see if anybody came across similar problems 
and were able to handle it?




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