[rabbitmq-discuss] a question about pushing the message to the queue , thank you all a lot

yby538 at 163.com yby538 at 163.com
Wed Nov 27 01:03:33 GMT 2013


I have a sender and i have a receiver. Sender pushes the messages,  apple ,orange ,banana to queue which is named "fruit"

 once the receiver gets the message "banana" and send the ack.  i want the sender to be noticed so it can  send the message "banana" to the queue
 you know, i mean, i want to ensure that the queue does always contains banana ,apple and orange and if one message was got by the receiver ,the sender will push it to the queue
 how to implement it, please?

Does it make sense? i am very sorry since my English is very poor

 thanks a lot

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