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Lothe Shashank Shashank.Lothe at techmahindra.com
Tue Nov 26 13:37:26 GMT 2013

Hi Alan,

Let me try to explain you the problem I are facing. I am having Rabbitmq server/broker having a hostname hus0006 defined in /etc/hostname. I am using DNS server to resolve my Rabbitmq server hostname. I have added an alias for hus0006 called gs001. The ssl certificates present under /etc/rabbitmq/ssl also carries the alias gs001. Now I run my listner program to connect to this broker. amqp_socket_open API fails with a return code of 1 (which is surprising as it is not a listed error code in amqp_status_enum under amqp.h). This problem comes only when I try to connect using SSL. If I try to connect without ssl (on ssl disabled port with the same hostname) it connects.

What could be the problem?



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