[rabbitmq-discuss] Posting MQTT to RabbitMQ QOS=1

Adrian Yip ayip at recondynamics.com
Mon Nov 25 20:53:03 GMT 2013

Yes it was a client issue, I reviewed the Mosquito code and documentation
and now understand that with QoS>0, the client publisher needs to either
be calling client.loop() or trigger the Mosquito thread to run via
client.loop_start() so that the publish acks are processed.

Thanks for following up.


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On 22/11/13 16:13, Emile Joubert wrote:

> On 22/11/13 02:19, Adrian Yip wrote:

>> When I publish with QOS=1 however, the client appears successful in
>> publishing, but the receiver always stops at 20 messages.  I can kick
>> off another client without stopping the receiver and it will also do
>> the same thing, the receiver will show 20 messages and nothing more.
> The default mosquitto max_inflight_messages is 20. Set this to a
> higher number or unlimited, and do the same for the broker prefetch

It looks like the problem might be in the MQTT python client library.
The broker immediately acknowledges the publish messages, so I don't see
why the client library stops sending messages after the first 20. My
earlier suggestion works, but it should not be necessary.


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