[rabbitmq-discuss] a question about checking a queue contains a specific message or not

yby538 at 163.com yby538 at 163.com
Mon Nov 25 03:14:09 GMT 2013

hi ,all

suppose that i have a queue named "fruit" and i send some different messages to it like this

basicPublish ("orange");
basicPublish ("banana");

now the queue contains two messages, "orange" and "banana".

now,i want to know is there an interface in rabbitmq like this for me to check whether my queue, fruit,  contains a specific message or not 

queue_fruit.contains("banana");  //return true

queue_fruit.contains("orange");  //return true

queue_fruit.contains("apple");  //return false

if there not,how to get it?

thanks a lot for you all

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