[rabbitmq-discuss] High load average on mirrored nodes

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Fri Nov 22 04:06:40 GMT 2013

I am running a three node cluster all on the same type of hardware.  All of 
my consumers and publisher connect to one node we have assigned as the 
master node lets call it rabbit-1.  This is also the master node for all of 
our queues.  All nodes are disc nodes and all queues are HA to all nodes. 
 And all messages are published with deliveryMode 2.  The load average, all 
the metrics and performance of rabbit-1 are what I would expect.  But the 
load average of the other boxes, that have no connections (publishers or 
consumers) and are not master nodes to anything have a load average that is 
higher than rabbit-1.  At first I blamed the hardware or configuration or 
something, but it seems pretty consistent across all our clusters.

So my question is do nodes that have durable queues mirrored to them but 
are not the master nodes have any characteristics that could cause this? 
 Or should I keep digging?

Running Ubuntu 12.04.2 with raid0 xfs disk.  Rabbit is the only thing on 
these boxes.  Rabbit 3.1.5.

Thanks for your time!
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