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Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Nov 22 10:02:14 GMT 2013


On 21/11/13 18:36, PATAR, SAGAR wrote:

> I have a requirement where clients should be able to consume messages from a topic ...
> Topic1.xxx --- should be consumed by client 1, client 2, client 3
> Topic2.xxx --- should be consumed by client 4, client 5
> I created 2 user's topic1User and topic2User...
> I was not able to restrict any user from accessing the other topic (exchange) .. 
> Setting permissions seems to be working at Queue level.. Not sure how to get this working ..

Consuming from a queue requires read access, so grant topic1User read
access only on Topic1.* and topic2User read access only on Topic2.*

If clients publish to a named (rather than the default) exchange then
you can assign write access in a similar way to prevent them from
publishing to each others exchanges.

See the access control documentation for more details:


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