[rabbitmq-discuss] SSL connection - ASN1 error

Skorepa, Michal Michal.Skorepa at Honeywell.com
Fri Nov 22 09:53:39 GMT 2013

Hello Tim,

Yes, I am sure it is pointing to the correct certificates. The swim_cm_connector module is really simple.
Here is a relevant fragment of the code:

-compile([{parse_transform, lager_transform}]).


handle_info({connect, CoS}, State) ->
	lager:notice("Connector connecting on CoS ~p.  Connector PID: ~p", [CoS, self()]),
	ConnectionParamsBasic = #amqp_params_network{host = swim_cm_tools:set_broker(),
												port = swim_cm_tools:set_port(),
												virtual_host = swim_cm_tools:set_vhost(),
												username = swim_cm_tools:set_username(),
												password = swim_cm_tools:set_password(),
												heartbeat = swim_cm_tools:set_heartbeat(),
												socket_options = [{tos, swim_cm_tools:set_tos(CoS)}]},
	lager:notice("SSL: ~p", [application:get_env(ssl)]),
	case application:get_env(ssl) of
		{ok, true} ->
			lager:notice("SSL enabled. Setting SSL parameters."),
			ConnectionParams = ConnectionParamsBasic#amqp_params_network{ssl_options = [{cacertfile, swim_cm_tools:set_cacertfile()},
																						{certfile, swim_cm_tools:set_certfile()},
																						{keyfile, swim_cm_tools:set_key()},
																						{verify, swim_cm_tools:set_verify()},
																						{fail_if_no_peer_cert, swim_cm_tools:set_no_peer_cert()}]};
		_ ->
			lager:notice("SSL disabled. Setting basic parameters."),
			ConnectionParams = ConnectionParamsBasic
	lager:debug("Connection parameters: ~p.", [ConnectionParams]),
	try amqp_connection:start(ConnectionParams) of
		{ok, Conn_ID} ->
			lager:notice("Connection setup for CoS ~p successful. Target broker: ~p", [CoS, ConnectionParams#amqp_params_network.host]),
			gen_server:cast({global, swim_conn_serv}, {connected, CoS, Conn_ID}),
			lager:info("Work is done, shutting down the connector for CoS ~p.", [CoS]),
			{stop, normal, State};
		{error, Error} ->
			lager:error("Connection setup error: ~p", [Error]),
			case application:get_env(reconnect_interval) of
				{ok, Timeout} ->
				undefined ->
					Timeout = 5000
			lager:info("Connection setup ERROR. Repeating connection setup after: ~p seconds...", [Timeout / 1000]),
			{noreply, {connect, CoS}, Timeout}
		Exception:Reason -> 
			lager:error("Exception caught in connection setup for CoS ~p.~n Exception: ~p~n Reason: ~p", [CoS, Exception, Reason]),
			{stop, exception, State}


I am sure the code is correct. It runs perfectly fine on Debian systems. But is throws the error when I run it on a custom built Openembedded system (Yocto/Poky project) which is hosted on a Gumstix platform. There might be maybe something missing in the system or something might not be cross-compiled correctly but I have no idea what it might be or how to test it.

Thank you for any help!


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Hi Michal,

What does this swim_cm_connector module look like? Are you sure it's pointing to the correct certificates when establishing the connection?

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