[rabbitmq-discuss] Delivery / Redelivery counter plugin

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Nov 14 09:43:17 GMT 2013


On 13/11/13 12:49, Karl Nilsson wrote:

> Is it technically possible to do this using the plugin architecture? If
> so, I'd appreciate any pointers of as to how. 

Possibly. If the queue is modified to maintain a mapping of message IDs
to redelivery count then you could provide your own queue
implementation. The "backing_queue_module" key currently selects the
"rabbit_variable_queue" queue implementation. Messages that are fetched
from the queue can then have information from the mapping added to a header.

There are several reasons to avoid doing this:
It is a violation of the protocol to modify messages.
It will become difficult to obtain support for a broker with this
You will need to limit the size of the message ID to count mapping (if
it is not persisted), making the results approximate at best.


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