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For the following query I tried testing the network cable pull out scenario again. However I noticed that the listner API amqp_simple_wait_frame_noblock returns AMQP_STATUS_SSL_ERROR or AMQP_STATUS_TIMEOUT and not the AMQP_STATUS_SOCKET_CLOSED or AMQP_STATUS_SOCKET_ERROR as mentioned by you. I am using 0.3.0 of rabbitmq-c library and AMQP_STATUS_SOCKET_CLOSED macro is not present in amqp.h.

Could you kindly confirm the return code of amqp_simple_wait_frame_noblock when network cable is pulled out? How can I handle network cable pull out scenario in my listner program?

I have also noticed that if two listner threads with different amqp connections are running and network cable is pulled out one listner is receiving AMQP_STATUS_SSL_ERROR and another is receiving AMQP_STATUS_TIMEOUT as a return value.

Older post for your reference:

[Shashank Query] Is there is a way to check from rabbitmq-c library function, if the network cable is pulled out?

[Alan Reply] As far as I know, there isn't a portable socket API for detecting a network cable from being pulled. The best we can do is to detect when the TCP connection has been closed. All rabbitmq-c functions that cause a read or write to the socket check the return from these functions to detect the socket being closed unexpectedly. If the socket is closed the client will receive an AMQP_STATUS_SOCKET_CLOSED or AMQP_STATUS_SOCKET_ERROR as a return value.

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