[rabbitmq-discuss] Stats node getting slow

Pierpaolo Baccichet pierpaolo at dropbox.com
Fri Nov 8 17:32:48 GMT 2013

Hello there,

I have been having some issues with the stats node recently getting slow in
a clustered environment, stopping to report stats and causing the whole
cluster to get extremely slow.

Our setup: we use rabbitMQ (recently updated to 3.2.0) with 10 nodes in a
cluster in the same DC and 3 disk nodes. We have a fairly high number of
connections in the tens of thousands but fairly low throughput of messages
(single digit thousands per second).

Things have been working great for almost a year but recently we see,
unfortunately quite frequently, the stats node all of a sudden starting
consuming considerable amount of memory munching to death. Last night we
had again one of these events and the stat node consumed more than 10GB of
RAM in a matter of 2 hours until I caught it and restart it, which brought
the cluster back into normal state. We started observing this issue a few
weeks back (not very frequently) while on 3.1.3 and we still see it on
3.2.0. If it helps narrowing down the problem, I don't think I ever saw
this problem with the 3.0.x series so I am considering to go back to those
versions but i would like to get an opinion first
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