[rabbitmq-discuss] Durable Queues Crash

Jonathan Cua jcua at eventbrite.com
Tue Nov 5 21:24:11 GMT 2013

I am evaluating Rabbitmq 3.2.0 in Ubuntu 12.04. I have set up a 2 node cluster.

From time to time (around a couple of hours after the cluster has been set up), I would get this error in the sasl.log. Note: I am not able to reproduce this issue.

=CRASH REPORT==== 5-Nov-2013::12:34:51 ===
    initial call: gen:init_it/6
    pid: <0.6024.14>
    registered_name: []
    exception exit: {{badmatch,true},
      in function  gen_server2:terminate/3
    ancestors: [rabbit_amqqueue_sup,rabbit_sup,<0.4763.12>]
    messages: []
    links: [<0.4951.12>]
    dictionary: [{{xtype_to_module,direct},rabbit_exchange_type_direct}]
    trap_exit: true
    status: running
    heap_size: 1597
    stack_size: 24
    reductions: 1198

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 5-Nov-2013::12:34:51 ===
     Supervisor: {local,rabbit_amqqueue_sup}
     Context:    child_terminated
     Reason:     {{badmatch,true},
     Offender:   [{pid,<0.6024.14>},

And in the web UI, the queue will show up like this.

Then if I click on the queue on the UI, I will get this error/warning.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'ram_msg_count' of undefined

And if I do this on the command-line and grab the queue in question, I will get this incomplete data (as opposed to the info of other queues).

$ curl http://guest:guest@localhost:15672/api/queues

        "arguments": {
            "x-ha-policy": "all"
        "auto_delete": false,
        "durable": true,
        "name": "test_queue",
        "node": "rabbit at localhost",
        "vhost": "/"

Also, if I do this, the queue in question will not show up.

$ sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues

But if I try to declare a queue like this,

$ ./rabbitmqadmin declare queue name=test_queue


$ ./rabbitmqadmin delete queue name=test_queue

Both commands will just hang.

So, I would like to know what the traceback mean and possible way to fix it.


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