[rabbitmq-discuss] Stomp, subscriptions, and forward slashes

Brennan Sellner bsellner at seegrid.com
Sat Nov 2 22:04:41 GMT 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of using the web-stomp plugin to add
messaging to the browser to our existing RabbitMQ-linked system.  I've
run into a bit of a snag, however: long before we even contemplated
STOMP, we started including forward slashes in our exchange names (e.g.
robot/hardware/laser or server/chat).

This worked well across a variety of AMQP clients, but is wreaking havoc
with STOMP, since a subscription for all messages on the server/chat
exchange now looks like:

  client.subscribe ( '/exchange/server/chat/#', on_chat_msg );

This fails, with Rabbit complaining thusly (presumably due to the extra
/ and the resulting ambiguity):

=ERROR REPORT==== 2-Nov-2013::17:56:13 ===
STOMP error frame sent:
Message: "Invalid destination"
Detail: "'/server/chat/#' is not a valid exchange destination\n"
Server private detail: none

I'm able to get everything working if I omit the forward slash in the
exchange name.  However, I'd prefer to not have to make a system-wide
breaking change to our exchange names just to add another client.

Is there any way to escape the slash in the exchange name when
subscribing via web-stomp?  I've blindly tried a few options (i.e. '\\/'
or '%47'), but with no luck.  http://www.rabbitmq.com/stomp.html
indicates that the / should be replaced by %47 (and decoded on the far
end?), but I haven't seen any evidence of that occurring.

Any thoughts?



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