[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ usage in higher ed

Michael Hodges mhodges at hawaii.edu
Sat Nov 2 02:28:37 GMT 2013

Dear all,

A colleague of mine recently published a TLS patch for AnyEvent::RabbitMQ,
and heard directly back from a few universities.  It's currently my
understanding that JMS dominates as the open source technology that higher
ed folk in IT use for administrative computing.  I'm wondering and hoping
that there's actually a fair amount of RabbitMQ usage in higher and that
that we are not, for example, the only institution writing a message
producer for Banner.

If you are a higher ed institution and you would willing to identify
yourself as having RabbitMQ in your production environment and you are
willing to provide a little insight as to how it is used, please share.  If
this discussion is not quite on-topic for this list, my apologies.  If it
would be better to respond to me directly and I then provide a summary on
this list, I'd gladly do that.

Many thanks,

Michael Hodges
University of Hawaii
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