[rabbitmq-discuss] Many fanout exchanges or fewer direct exchanges with routing keys

Злой Гремлин angry.gremlin at gmail.com
Fri May 31 17:19:04 BST 2013


I've been trying to use RabbitMQ and faced the following question.

I need to intensively broadcast 10 types of messages (so there will be many
consumers for each message type) and each type has ~100 subtypes.

I wonder which of the following approaches is better:


   Create a direct exchange for each message type and send messages with a
   routing key (subtype name) and consumers will be connected  with a
   temporary queue. (Because there is no complex routing keys like
   'key1.key2.*' I decided not to use topic exchange).

   Create a fanout exchange for each message subtype (something around 1000

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