[rabbitmq-discuss] Unacked messages when process goes down

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu May 30 00:22:34 BST 2013

On 29/05/13 21:35, yaniv3007 wrote:
> I am seeing some strange behaviour on my integration with the Java client.
> I am working with no ack mode (not manual neither auto mode). I am sending
> 1000 messages from the producer. I see in the management panel that 1000
> messages are in state unack. Then when the process goes down, I see them all
> as acked.
> Any explanation for that?
> One more strange behaviour: I am sending 1000 messages and ack them all.
> When I restart the process I see them again as not acked.

Please post some screen shots for each of the above phases, i.e. after 
sending 1000 messages, after stopping the consuming process, after 
restarting the consuming process.

Also, please verify with 'rabbitmqctl list_consumers' that the consumers 
really are consuming in the mode you expect.


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