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Thanks for clearing that up.

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On 29/05/13 13:36, Jeffery, Mark wrote:
> It seems that the fire-hose tracing only seems to allow tracing on the 
> first node that is started in the cluster.

Not so much that, but as the docs
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/firehose.html) state, tracing is a *per-node* feature. i.e. if you want to trace on all nodes then you need to run 'rabbitmqctl trace_on' on all nodes.

> I am able to run trace_on and trace_off and see the messages start and 
> stop at the consumer with no problems. (With out re-creating the 
> channel).

The channels that matter are the ones on which the messages you want to trace get transmitted. Not the channels on which you consume the trace messages.

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