[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel vs Connection shutdowns

Adam Morgan AMorgan at salesforce.com
Tue May 28 15:10:35 BST 2013

I am working on a messaging API to wrap the RabbitMQ java client.  I am adding auto-reconnection logic using the ShutdownListener hook.

So far in my testing I have only been able to instigate a Connection shutdown.  I have added shutdown listeners to both Channels and Connections, but no matter what I do to try and cause a shutdown (besides calling Channel.close()), all shutdowns seem to be on the Connection.

Is there a way to instigate a non-application-initiated shutdown (ie, cause an error that results in a shutdown) on the Channel object instead of the Connection?

For the record, the only non-application-initiated shutdowns I have caused were by attempting to publish to a non-existent exchange with an immediate flag=true.

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