[rabbitmq-discuss] F5 Load Balancer Pool Management

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu May 23 16:14:47 BST 2013


On 22/05/13 06:47, Simon Lundström wrote:
> The idea is to have two healthchecks:
> 1, One very simple which connects to the node and sees that the "path is
> clear", i.e. that no firewall etc is blocking the connection to the
> node. This is being done by sending eight random bytes to the AMQP port
> (we're using SSL) and the server should respond with AMQP0091 (see,
> <https://www.rabbitmq.com/resources/specs/amqp0-9-1.pdf> section 4.2.2 Protocol
> Header).
> The problem with this is that it creates alot of log noise and I'm not
> sure how to filter this out or how to generate a smart enough request
> that RabbitMQ won't generate log noise.
> [...]
 > I'm still trying to make #1 smarter and not create log noise.
> Any ideas here from you or others?

You can adjust the log level for connection-related events. See the 
log_levels variable in 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/configure.html#configuration-file. This may not 
be fine-grained enough for you though since to suppress the errors from 
the above LB connections you'd have to set the connection log_level to 
'none', thus suppressing logging of all connection-related events.


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