[rabbitmq-discuss] Failed to start rabbitmq-server

Xiang Yu bupt.aswmtjdsj at gmail.com
Mon May 20 04:11:57 BST 2013

I originally thought "epmd -kill" differed from "killall epmd"....

then I ran "killl {pid}"( the pid of the running epmd).
#epmd -debug

in another tty:
#erl -sname foo

the error logger happened the same( as in the former email).
but in the debug screen, there was:

epmd: Mon May 20 11:07:54 2013: epmd running - daemon = 0
epmd: Mon May 20 11:08:12 2013: ** got ALIVE2_REQ
epmd: Mon May 20 11:08:12 2013: ALIVE2_REQ from non local address

got any idea?

Xiang Yu,

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As an undergraduate,
in the major of Electrical Information Engineering,
School of Information and Communication Engineering,
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

2013/5/20 Emile Joubert <emile at rabbitmq.com>

> On 19/05/13 13:21, Xiang Yu wrote:
> > root at XXX:~#epmd -kill
> > epmd: local epmd responded with <>
> If that doesn't work then send the epmd process a kill signal. See the
> 'kill' or 'killall' commands.
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