[rabbitmq-discuss] Server hanging on start, randomly dying

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri May 17 09:42:14 BST 2013

Hi Jason,

On 16/05/13 21:07, Jason McIntosh wrote:

> The problem I'm hitting is I've got one of my nodes hanging and dying.
>  I got it to start and about a minute later it dies again.  I have no
> reports in any log files, and not a clue what the heck is going on.  

What about the OS log?

> At first, I thought it might be tied to some invalid commands, i.e.
> rabbitmqctl list_status -p SomeNonExistentQueue (which seems to have
> problems regardless).  That command though works on one of the other nodes.

That command is invalid and won't work on any node.

> Any advice here?  Nothing as state in the logs.

Have you ruled out hardware failure?

Try to start the broker standalone without network access.

Is there any chance that the Erlang installation became corrupt? If so
try re-installing it.

Try starting the broker with fewer or no plugins enabled.

Does the broker produce an Erlang crashdump? What is the headline?


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