[rabbitmq-discuss] stability of on-disk formats

John Beck john.beck at oracle.com
Thu May 16 22:41:56 BST 2013

JBeck> If, as we hope, and some mailing list search hits from 2011 suggested,
JBeck> the on-disk formats used by RabbitMQ are generally compatible,

Simon> They are upgrade-compatible. If you have a 2.8.7 installation and
Simon> upgrade to 3.1.0, RabbitMQ will upgrade the on-disk data from the 2.8.x
Simon> format to the 3.1.x format the first time it boots, but you won't then
Simon> be able to go back.

Simon> As Emile says, we guarantee that the format will not change from a.b.x
Simon> to a.b.y, so you can upgrade / downgrade within a bugfix release
Simon> series, but you can't (in general) go back to a previous feature
Simon> release.

Very good; this is the sort of answer we were hoping for.  Thank you very

-- John


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