[rabbitmq-discuss] Balancing Queues across nodes in a cluster

Cordell, Ron L Ron.Cordell at RelayHealth.com
Thu May 16 17:14:12 BST 2013

Thanks, Simon. I will dig into this feature on 3.1.



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On 16/05/13 13:45, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> If you want to control exactly which nodes a queue is on, you need the 
> "nodes" policy.

Oh, and I should add: there's currently no way to explicitly say which node you want the master to be, it will just be chosen from the nodes you provide. In practice this is not too relevant, since the master and slaves do almost exactly the same amount of work for a given queue; it's much more important to spread mirrors (i.e. masters + slaves) about than just masters.

Cheers, Simon

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