[rabbitmq-discuss] After weekly log rotatation was done, the command "rabbitmqctl rotate-logs" never stop

Nate natewang0425 at gmail.com
Thu May 16 12:36:42 BST 2013

Dear Matthias,

       Yes, I ran it as root and nothing return to me.... However, when I
use SIGABRT the process will be deleted. My OS is centos 5.5.


2013/5/16 Matthias Radestock-3 [via RabbitMQ] <
ml-node+s1065348n26741h36 at n5.nabble.com>

> On 16/05/13 07:36, Nate wrote:
> >      Bad news, I cannot get the dump file via command "kill -SIGUSR1
> > 8972" and process still exist.
> Weird. Did it return / complain about anything? You may have to run it
> as root. What O/S is this on?
> If we cannot get the process to react to SIGUSR1 then we are stuck.
> Matthias.
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