[rabbitmq-discuss] 700k msgs using 6.3 GiB?

François Beausoleil francois at teksol.info
Thu May 16 01:52:42 BST 2013

Hi all!

Attached are a report and screenshot showing my RabbitMQ instance using 6.3 GiB of RAM for a mere 700,000 3 KiB messages. I've had 17 million messages on that same machine three weeks ago. The machine is an 8 GiB virtual machine instance with 2 GiB swap. I had the high memory watermark set to 0.8, because I preferred to block less and I didn't expect to hit problems. My consumers are fast enough.

Looking at the report, I see 5.5 GiB of RAM used by binaries. Isn't that what's supposed to be paged out to disk?

The three queues with unconsumed messages are holding message of 3KiB or less. That's a maximum of 3 GiB.

I rebooted the machine after taking that report and screenshot, so I'm processing again now.

What did I do wrong?

Thank you for any enlightenment!

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