[rabbitmq-discuss] Balancing Queues across nodes in a cluster

Cordell, Ron L Ron.Cordell at RelayHealth.com
Wed May 15 20:02:49 BST 2013

We are using RabbitMQ 3.0.1 in a cluster behind an F5 load balancer.
The application works with RMQ through the VIP exposed by the F5.
The application is responsible for making sure that queues/exchanges are set up for the application. In other words, we don't use a separate mechanism to set up queues and exchanges.
As a result of this queues may end up on a random node once created.
Once queues are created they remain; they are not "torn down" and re-established periodically or anything like that.
Most queues are HA/mirrored queues.

My question is around balancing node resources. If a queue becomes somewhat busy, can I move make a different node master for that queue (assuming a mirrored queue)? I don't want to take down the node as I have other queues on that node; I just want to move the master for a particular queue, if possible.

Looking at past queries about this it appears that this might not be possible, so one answer may be that we should change how we create queues...


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