[rabbitmq-discuss] Workflow for optional data in HTTP server process?

François Beausoleil francois at teksol.info
Wed May 15 16:19:41 BST 2013

Le 2013-05-15 à 10:37, Michael Klishin a écrit :

> 2013/5/13 François Beausoleil <francois at teksol.info>
> When the request hits the web server process, is it expected that it would open a channel, create a server-named queue and send the request, with reply-to set to the queue?
> I'm not sure I understand the "optional data" part. Could you elaborate?

If the UI is missing that data, then it's no big deal. It's a best-effort.

Thanks for validating my reasoning. I'll probably skip the network round-trip for the channel, since that will give me a bit more time to do other, more important, work.

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