[rabbitmq-discuss] About the JSonRPC data length limit?

"藍紹緯 - (david)" davidlan at iii.org.tw
Tue May 14 06:07:23 BST 2013

Dear All:

I design a c++ program which runs http post to RabbitMQ JSonRPC,now I 
have a xml file data, translate it into json format,but when I send the 
http post with long json data, the RabbitMQ crashed,

I am sure the content all sent by my program.  If I send shorter length 
of data, it is ok, why?

I test a simple web to receive the post data, it is all OK.

and I use the jsonrpc example js to test, i want to change the timeout 
setting, but the log(/var/log/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.log) always shows HTTP 
Channel started, timeout 5.

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