[rabbitmq-discuss] Using a VIP address for Clients Connecting to 3.1.0

Johnny Costello blaztoff at gmail.com
Thu May 9 23:55:17 BST 2013

Hi I am setting up a Rabbit MQ installation for HA. I am using clustering 
 and  active/active mirroring for HA.

My Current Setup is two nodes that are set to mirror each other. I want to 
use a VIP address for my clients to connect to.

I am not clear on how to configure the VIP. To me it appears that prior to 
Active/Active setup you always had to point your clients to the Master and 
then fail over to the slave if the Master fails.

With Active/Active mirroring does this still apply or does it matter 

Is there any command that can tell what server is the master anymore? I run 
cluster_status and nothing shows up saying which node is master. 

Is there a way to set up your configuration to always mirror queues instead 
of making the change on command line?

Thank you

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