[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Flow Control Behavior Questions

Viral Shah vralshah at gmail.com
Wed May 8 20:05:34 BST 2013

     I am using  3.0.4 Java client library/RabbitMQ server and have some 
questions about RabbitMQ flow control behavior.

1. What is the recommended way of handling/detecting flow control 
invocations on the client side? Is it possible to detect that flow control 
has been invoked on the RabbitMQ server by adding FlowListener or any other 
method? Is it possible to detect that the connection is blocked on the 
client side thru the Java client library or by using some workaround so 
that we can stop sending messages and not get the threads stuck in some 
RabbitMQ method call until the server comes out of flow control (which may 
take longer in some cases).

2. Channel.close() method does not take a timeout value and the thread 
remains blocked in case the server is under flow control. Is there a reason 
for not having a timeout in the channel close method? If I use 
Connection.close() then it does take a timeout value. Is there a list of 
methods that get blocked during flow control and which ones are not 

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