[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 3.1.0 LDAP plugin help

chads.finishing.strong at gmail.com chads.finishing.strong at gmail.com
Wed May 8 14:50:38 BST 2013

I'm trying to get the LDAP plugin to work.  At this point, it does not log 
when "log" is set to "true" or "network", so I've been using tcpdump.       
Anyways, I'm trying to take what I use in PHP/Zend 
ldap.primary.host = 'ldap.example.com'                                     
ldap.primary.baseDn = 'dc=example,dc=com'                                   
ldap.primary.accountDomainName = 'example.com'                             
ldap.primary.accountDomainNameShort = 'example'                             
ldap.primary.username = 'example\ldapadmin'                                 
ldap.primary.password = 'mypasswd'                                         
ldap.primary.accountFilterFormat = 
and use that data to configure the rabbitmq ldap plugin:                   
{servers, ["ldap.example.com"]},                                           
{dn_lookup_attribute, "sAMAccountName"},                                   
{dn_lookup_base, "DC=example,DC=com"},                                     
{user_dn_pattern, "(sAMAccountName=${username}),DC=example,DC=com"}         
{other_bind, {"example\\\ldapadmin", "mypasswd"}},                         
{use_ssl, false},                                                           
{port, 389},                                                               
{log, network},                                                             
{vhost_access_query,{constant, true}},                                     
{resource_access_query, {constant, true}},                                 
{tag_queries, [                                                             
   {administrator, {constant, true}},                                       
   {management,    {constant, true}},                                       
   {monitoring,    {constant, true}}                                       
LDAP Entry snippet:                                                         
dn: CN=Blart\, Paul,OU=MallCops,DC=example,DC=com                           
cn: Blart, Paul                                                             
sAMAccountName: pblart                                                     
userPrincipalName: pblart at example.com                                       
At this point I've been unsuccessful.  It looks like my problem may be due 
to the "dn_lookup_*" and "user_dn_pattern" values?  Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.
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