[rabbitmq-discuss] Can we launch hello world tutorial from two different machines (foreign consumer and producer) ?

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Wed May 8 11:28:19 BST 2013

Hello everyone,

In the Hello World tutorial, it is said that the producer, the consumer,
and the broker don't have to be on the same machine.

I tried this feature without success, here is how :
1) I slightly modified Receiver and Producer in order to make them as GUI
applications. (Files attached)
2) From Eclipse IDE, I exported the application as a runnable jar file by
choosing the Producer class as main class for this application : Let's call
it RabbitMQProducer
3) I did the same thing for the receiver class : Let's call this
application RabbitMQReceiver
4) I installed the last RabbitMQ server on both machines (which are both
Ubuntu Linux machines, though versions are differents)
5) I started an instance of the Producer on one machine and an instance of
the Receiver on the other machine : but sending a message on the producer
is without any effect on the Receiver.

I've read all tutorials, but I still have not noticed what the main
difference between the RPC tutorial (tutorial 6) and the HelloWorld
tutorial (tutorial 1).

So, how should I modify my codes ?



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