[rabbitmq-discuss] using Rabbit MQ to send messages directly from Oracle 10g Database

Justin Woolich justinwoolich at gmail.com
Wed May 8 06:33:04 BST 2013

I have a requirement to send messages to a rabbit mq queue directly from an 
oracle 10g database. The database uses v1.4 of the Java VM and i am having 
troubles loading the rabbit mq client into the Oracle JVM. I am using v2.2 
for java 1.4 of the Rabbit Client.

The errors i am getting when using the loadjava command in oracle are 
around referenced object could not be resolved

e.g. ORA-29534: referenced object 
could not be resolved

the following is the batch file i am running to load the jar files

C:\oracle\product\BIN\loadjava -f -force -oracleresolver -resolve -verbose 
-oci8 -u sys/local at local 

would anyone be able to give me any guidance, i realize this is a bit of an 
obscure requirement but it makes sense in the context of what we are trying 
to do.

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