[rabbitmq-discuss] How to use separate connections for sending and receiving data in Spring-RabbitMQ?

Kapil Goyal goyalk at vmware.com
Tue May 7 00:58:51 BST 2013



While exploring flow-control in RabbitMQ, I found this:


"The intent here is to introduce a flow control mechanism that throttles
producers but lets consumers continue unaffected. However, since AMQP
permits producers and consumers to operate on the same channel, and on
different channels of a single connection, this logic is necessarily
imperfect. In practice that does not pose any problems for most
applications since the throttling is observable merely as a delay.
Nevertheless, other design considerations permitting, it is advisable to
only use individual AMQP connections for either producing or consuming."


I am using Spring Integration in my web-application to send/receive data
to/from RabbitMQ broker. I declare connection-factory, amqp-template,
rabbit-admin, channels and inbound/outbound adapters using XML. What is
the recommended way to ensure separate connections are used for sending
and receiving? My observation is that by default, both sending and
receiving are done on the same connection but on different channels.




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