[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug/Behavior Change in binds to header exchanges in rabbitmq 3.1.0

Matt Campbell matt at soupmatt.com
Fri May 3 16:19:20 BST 2013

In rabbit 3.0.4 and 2.8.7, I was able to bind a queue to a headers exchange 
without specifying any bind arguments, which resulted in that queue 
receiving all the messages. In rabbit 3.1.0, when I make that same bind I 
get an error message telling me I must include the "x-match" header. While 
this is an irritation for clients that use AMQP or the HTTP API to create 
the binds (because they require a code change), I have some clients that 
bind queues to this exchange via STOMP and I am unaware of how to get that 
header set through a STOMP subscribe to that exchange.

Is this an intended behavior change going forward, or is this a bug in 
rabbitmq 3.1.0?


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