[rabbitmq-discuss] Queues disappeared after a cluster upgrade to 3.1.5, Erlang R16B01

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Aug 27 10:58:58 BST 2013

On 23/08/13 23:01, Jason McIntosh wrote:
> A ps auf shows /usr/lib/erlang/erts- -daemon as still
> running.  SO I'm wondering if that might have an impact.

Depending on how you upgraded Erlang you may need to stop this process
manually. I'd be surprised if this was the cause of the error though.

> stop rabbit on server X (upgrader is Z, other node is Y)
> remove all rabbit/erlang RPM's
> Reinstall rabbit software
> Update rabbitmqadmin
> Enable management plugins (just in case)
> Enable auto start.
> Rinse and repeat on servers Y, then Z and then start bringing them up
> starting with upgrader node. First start Z, then start Y, then start X.

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