[rabbitmq-discuss] Query on bulk acknowledgement - For both Publisher confirms and Consumer Acknowledgement

Priyanki Vashi vashi.priyanki at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 17:31:49 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

I have following query on configuring bulk acknowledgement. From both 
server to Publisher and from Consumer to server.

Do Rabbit support bulk acknowledgement for both Publisher confirm and 
consumer ack ? 
If yes, how to configure bulk acknowledgement both at server and client 
side ? 

I have learnt from rabbitmq site that multiple flag in 'basic.ack' method, 
controls single message acknowledgement or multiple acknowledgement. 

I could set 'multiple' to True in basic.ack method on consumer side but how 
to check that consumer is really acknowledging multiple messages and also 
where & how to configure message count value? (I mean is it possible to 
have only one ack for a group of messages received by consumer instead of 
individual ack for every message)  

In my wireshark traces, I see multiple is set to 'True' in 'basic.ack' 
method, which is sent from Consumer to Server but not sure weather it's 
really working or not  since it shows no difference in behavior in 
comparison to multiple to false. (I have tracked this as per delivery-tag 

And on the server side, I see that a file 'rabbit_framing.hrl' , has 
basic.ack with multiple flag = false.
Do I need to change this to true to get multiple messages acknowledges from 
server to publisher ( for bulk ack for publisher confirm method?) 

Please  suggest.

Best Regards,
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