[rabbitmq-discuss] Http API: new user

SAG - Jonathan Andrés jandres at omie.es
Mon Aug 26 12:28:24 BST 2013

Thank you very much!

curl -i -v -u guest:guest -H ""content-type:application/json"" -XPUT -d"{""password"":""secret"",""tags"":""administrator""}" http://localhost:15672/api/users/newUser

It works!

Now I'll try with the Java + Spring project.

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On 26/08/13 12:10, SAG - Jonathan Andrés wrote:
> I'm using CURL/7.31.0 on windows

...in which case the problem may well be Windows shell escaping, which is different than under Unix.

I am no expert in Windows scripting, but https://www.rabbitmq.com/ha.html has some example of unix vs windows rabbitmqctl commands which may be a useful guide for constructing a curl command line. In particular note that instead of surrounding literally quoted text with '', it is surrounded with "" and all occurrences of " 
are doubled ("").


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