[rabbitmq-discuss] Http API: new user

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon Aug 26 09:58:40 BST 2013

On 26/08/13 07:48, SAG - Jonathan Andrés wrote:
> I think I have the last versions of rabbit and Erlang:
> 	=INFO REPORT==== 26-Aug-2013::08:42:28 ===
> 	Starting RabbitMQ 3.1.5 on Erlang R16B01
> If I try with:
> 	curl -i -v -u guest:guest -H "content-type:application/json" -XPUT -d'{"password":"secret","tags":"administrator"}' http://localhost:15672/api/users/newUser
> I get this in the logs:
> 	=ERROR REPORT==== 26-Aug-2013::08:44:04 ===
> 	webmachine error: path="/api/users/newUser"
> 	"Bad Request"
> And it's the same that works for you. I don't understand what is happening.

I thought you said it complained with "Error: bad_request, Reason: 

What version of curl are you running? And on what O/S?

Do other calls to the management API work? Does the management UI work? 
Does rabbitmqadmin work?



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