[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem installing on MacOSX?

Richard Adams ra22597 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 17:32:09 BST 2013

 I am a newcomer to RabbitMQ and tried to install version 3.1.5  on MacOSX  
10.5 using the instructions listed here:


which produced the following output:

sce-bio-c02080:sbin radams$ ./rabbitmq-server 
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
./rabbitmq-server: line 94:  1956 Trace/BPT trap          ${ERL_DIR}erl -pa 
"$RABBITMQ_EBIN_ROOT" -boot "${CLEAN_BOOT_FILE}" -noinput -hidden -s 
rabbit_prelaunch -sname rabbitmqprelaunch$$ -extra "${RABBITMQ_NODENAME}"

Is there a minimum OS version for MacOSX? Realise 10.5 is a bit long in the 
tooth these days but if so it would be good if this was prominent on the 
download page.

Richard Adams

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