[rabbitmq-discuss] Question on packing of Bytes into Ethernet Frame for AMQP protocol

Priyanki Vashi vashi.priyanki at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 16:04:25 BST 2013

Hi there ,

I wanted to understand little bit more about AMQP, rabbitmq and pika client 
capability of packing of AMQP bytes into one single ethernet frames before 
transmission through ethernet connectivity.

1) What is the default behavior of pika clients and rabbit server when it 
comes to packing of bytes into one single ethernet frame ?
For now I see that there is no packing done at all when I took trace on 
server side and I see individual frames for content-header (87bytes), 
content-body (137 bytes), basic.publish (87bytes) and basic- ack (87 bytes) 
so this makes total of 4 AMQP frames for 1 message and all four are just 
having a very small size.

2) Can we change this ? and if yes, how to change it  on server side? 

3) Does python-pika client supports such packing of bytes ? if yes, how to 
do achieve that also ? 

Attaching a small screenshot of trace, which I took on server side for 
better visualization. 
Any insight on this would be very helpful.

Best Regards,
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