[rabbitmq-discuss] Doubt on Feaderation loop

PONMUTHU M ponmuthu at omnesysindia.com
Fri Aug 16 11:31:30 BST 2013



                I had created 2 federated nodes (different linux box) to
each other (say ex : A & B), there is no issue in that,  am able to
communicate each other.


                But the issue is when A & B having consumers with same
routing key then massages are getting routed to each other until max_hops


I want to send/receive messages in a tree hierarchy.


Ex : ( SEND ) A->B , A->C , B->D , C->E , C->F

Ex : ( RECEIVE ) F->C , E->C , D->B ,C->A , B->A


                My aim is messages should not be looped in between two
federated exchanges even though they having same routing key.


                Kindly give your comments . Thanks in advance !!






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