[rabbitmq-discuss] Delay between minority detected and stopped server

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Aug 14 21:50:24 BST 2013


On 13/08/13 16:45, Malte Schirmacher wrote:
> On 13/08/13 16:20, Simon MacMullen wrote:
>> It can happen when a node gets two nodedown notifications in rapid
>> succession, both of which push it into a minority.
> Shouldn't this behavior be fixed quickly?

As Simon explained, the error in the logs is cosmetic, i.e. it doesn't 
affect functionality.

> Suppose the publisher is running on the same machine as the broker and
> someone pulls the network-cable out of this box.
> Then it is pushed into minority instantaneously but would possibly still
> accept messages via leading to inconsistency between the
> mirrored queues what we tried to prevent by using pause_minority...

There is *always* scope for that, since publishing is inherently 
asynchronous, and so is detecting of cluster partitioning.



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