[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ clustering with SSL

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Aug 13 17:43:17 BST 2013


On 13/08/13 17:00, ramviv.123 at gmail.com wrote:
> We are setting up a RabbitMQ env with clustering on the LAN and 
> federated on the WAN.

> But when I bring RabbitMQ with clusters and take a TCP dump of the
> packets, the data transfer seem to be clear text.

Are you looking at the cluster traffic on an Erlang distribution port or
the federation traffic on port 5672/5671 ? I'm guessing you are seeing
cleartext federation traffic on port 5672. If you want that encrypted
also then set the federated links up to connect over AMQPS.


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