[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ memory limit and shutting down

Nikita Trophimov nikita.trophimov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 12:54:45 BST 2013

> Ah ok. Don't do that. Creating lots of resources can exhaust memory and
> cause rabbit to crash.


Our situation looks like this:
- We have a server with X GB RAM on it. There is RabbitMQ running
- RabbitMQ for the correct work requires Y GB memory (Y < X)
- Over time, Y increases (there are new users, messages, etc)
- When Y will be greater than X, RabbitMQ crashes

The specifics of our task - we need a lot of accounts in RabbitMQ, each 
account has its own exchange.


How can we avoid a situation when Y > X?

How can we evaluate the requirements of RabbitMQ in case of resources?
The fact that we have two cases that require resources:
- Creating new users with exchanges
- Messages between users
First case we can control by ourselves (for example, via external 
utility that monitors free resources on the server and stops creating 
new users).
But what we can do with the second case (resources for messages 
initially was enough, but number of messages has increased)?

Or is the only way to avoid the situation with Y > X is conducting 
stress testing to understand the hardware requirements?

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