[rabbitmq-discuss] Federation setup query

Jain, Punit Punit.Jain at emc.com
Mon Aug 5 15:24:53 BST 2013

I want to setup federation b/w two brokers called A (Downstream) and B (Upstream). We have redundant network link between these two brokers. B has two IPs, named IP1 and IP2. I have setup federation in following way

I created two upstreams:

rabbitmqctl set_parameter federation-upstream site-b-1 '{"uri":"amqp://IP1","max-hops":1}'

rabbitmqctl set_parameter federation-upstream site-b-2 '{"uri":"amqp://IP2","max-hops":1}'

Then I created one policy:

rabbitmqctl set_policy federate-test "ExchangeName" '{"federation-upstream-set":"MyUpstreamSet"}'

Then I put the both upstreams in the upstream set:

rabbitmqctl set_parameter federation-upstream-set MyUpstreamSet '[{"upstream":"site-b-1","exchange":" ExchangeName"}, {"upstream":"site-b-2","exchange":" ExchangeName"}]'

I have tested this setup and it is working fine. I have few questions regarding this setup:

*         Is it wise to create a single upstream with two uris? Or the above setup is good and will provide network high availability incase if a network link goes down?

*         Though we have specified two upstream, but when we list exchanges and queues on broker B it shows only one x-federation-upstream and a single upstream queue, and there is no duplication of messages. This is the exact behavior we expect, but I want to understand that how does RabbitMQ achieve this behavior and avoid duplication. It would be a great help if you can point me to some documentation or a link.

*         Any suggestion or advice to improve this configuration.


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