[rabbitmq-discuss] Why Clustering ? Load Balancing

tluck tilak.chauhan at ymail.com
Mon Apr 29 16:12:04 BST 2013

I've setup multiple consumers on different servers and port 5672 is open on
all servers. They all can read multiple queues at a time (parallel). I've
not enabled clustering on them, but, they still can communicate with the
producer server (I've one producer and multiple consumers). Each consumer is
supposed to read 1 message from one queue at a time. This means, If I've 5
queues then consumer-server-1  will be reading total 5 messages at a time,
and same goes to consumer server-2 and so on... 

So far, everything works perfect....But, one thing I've noticed is that
balance is not being loaded properly among all the consumers. When I go to
check the number of unacknowledged (in progress) messages on RMQ management
plugin, then I always see less number of unacknowledged messages than what I
supposed to see. For example --- if there are 3 consumers and 5 queues
running all the time then I'm supposed to see aprx 15 unacknowledged 
messages, But, I always see 5 to 8 messes at a time. What could be be the
possible issue ? Do I need to go for clustering ? Will that help me ? 

Thanks in advance.


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